If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen the picture with Amy, Hugh Hewitt, and me ten days ago, during the Battleground Talkers Tour stop in Columbus.

That picture started a conversation yesterday at church with another Facebook friend, who might well be the last undecided voter in the state of Ohio, if not in the entire country.

She asked who was in the picture with us, and where she could listen to Hugh. Then we started talking about the election. She still didn’t know who she was going to vote for, and I pressed a little bit, finding out what was important to her. With all that’s going on in this election, her issues were:

    1. Planned Parenthood – I explained that PP was misrepresenting themselves, advertising mammograms and other services for which they provide referrals, not actual treatment, and that they effectively just provide contraception and abortion. Since federal funding cannot legally be used for abortion, and since PP has private donors, Romney has rightly stated that PP should be defunded at the federal level.

    3. “That Senate candidate who said that rape was God’s will” – I explained the context around Richard Mourdock’s remark, and her paraphrase was not at all what Mourdock said. I also explained that, if one believes that all life is sacred, regardless of the circumstances of its creation, that Mourdock’s statement was intellectually defensible.  (Having said that, can we just agree that it’s a really, really good idea for Republican candidates to avoid the whole subject going forward?)

So, if you live inside the political bubble and were wondering what an undecided voter is thinking, now you know.