The next ConservativeLA Radio show (on Duane FM in the Hughniverse, Friday, 03/01, 7:00 Pacific/10:00 Eastern) will be all about Radio, Radio (said twice in honor of the Elvis Costello song). The show will, as you can tell from the set list, prominently feature the comedy stylings of Darryl Rhoades, from the CD, Radio Daze.

If you didn’t tune in last Friday, you missed an introductory promo for the show by Congresscritter John Campbell! Who will you hear this week? Don’t miss out!

Hope you can stop by, listen to the show, and join us in chat

Oh, and check out my new logo, courtesy of Soopermexican! Thanks, homefries!


Spoiler set list:

John Hartford: Turn Your Radio On (I)
Darryl Rhoades:  Barney Fife Station ID
Elvis Costello:  Radio, Radio
Darryl Rhoades:  WANG 108.2 Station ID
Jonathan Richman:  Roadrunner
Darryl Rhoades:  [redacted]
Wall of Voodoo:  Mexican Radio
Darryl Rhoades:  Chet The Jet/ Station ID
The Beach Boys:  That’s Why God Made The Radio
Rush:  The Spirit Of Radio
Darryl Rhoades:  Buster For Aardvark
The Clash:  This Is Radio Clash
Darryl Rhoades:  Tinman & Jerry
Tom Petty:  The Last DJ
Steely Dan:  FM
Darryl Rhoades:  Rock & Roll Hell
The Kinks:  Around the Dial
The Ramones:  Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio
Darryl Rhoades:  Wood ID/Chaz The Spaz
The Replacements:  Left Of The Dial
Darryl Rhoades:  Jim Ed Bob & Billy Boy
Cheap Trick:  On The Radio
Darryl Rhoades:  The Tin Man & Jerry Show
R.E.M.:  Radio Song
Joe Jackson:  On Your Radio
Darryl Rhoades:  Hooked On Gangsta
The Blasters:  Border Radio
The Doors:  The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
Son Volt:  Windfall
Darryl Rhoades:  Buster’s R&B Classics
Sam Cooke:  Having A Party
Neil Young:  Payola Blues
Darryl Rhoades:  Chaz The Spaz
Van Morrison:  Hey Mr. DJ
George Jones:  Radio Lover
Darryl Rhoades:  Womantalk/Traffic Copter
XTC:  Radios In Motion
Darryl Rhoades:  Battle of The Blands
Jah Wobble:  Radio Axiom (Alsema Dub)
Darryl Rhoades:  WANG 108.2 Station ID
Richard Thompson:  Andalus / Radio Marrakesh
Warren Zevon:  Mohammed’s Radio
Darryl Rhoades:  Barney Fife Station ID
John Hartford:  Turn Your Radio On (II)