Last week everything changed.  The timbers buttressing the dam holding back years of discontent and disappointment started creaking.  Leaks started to appear.  The foundation that the current administration has built it’s platform for re-election on shows visible signs of undermining.

Right now everyone is going gangbusters.  It’s full-speed ahead to election day.  When people are in that mode, as they should be, it is difficult to look back at recent events and see patterns.  People are more concerned about getting out the vote and shoring up weak counties and districts.  But the evidence is there.  One only needs to compile it.  It is snowballing.  Since Mitt Romney became the presumptive nominee, the left has unloaded on him.  Here are just the highlights:

  • Seamus the dog
  • Bain Capital
  • Tax returns
  • Various flip-flopping accusations
  • “I like to fire people”
  • Doesn’t care about the 47%
  • Was a bully in school who cut some kid’s hair.
  • Wife is an elitist horse-trainer
  • Hates his garbage man.
  • Lousy job-creator in Massachusetts.
  • Scary Mormon

I’ve been watching a lot of MSNBC lately.  Part of the reason is for comic relief.  The other part is to find out what the meme-of-the-day is for the left.  There is always one that they are pushing and one they are cultivating.  Not one of them has stuck.  Not one.  All of the help the President has been getting from the media has served only one purpose until last week.  It served to slow the erosion of his support.  But last week that changed.

The President had to go out in front of a camera and, without a teleprompter, defend his record.  By any measurable standard he failed miserably.  All that work the media was doing to shore up support for him started collapsing.  The President’s support had been steadily eroding for about 60 days, with a short delay after his convention.  Now the heavily democrat-skewed polls that had been hovering at 2-5 points in favor of Obama all swung decidedly for Romney.   In the last 48 hours, we’ve learned that the President only holds seven states solidly.  Everything else is winnable for Republicans.

Gary Graham

Even the President’s solid support from Hollywood has started to erode in places.  After the highly visible admonishment from Clint Eastwood at the republican convention, Jay Leno, Saturday Night Live, and Jon Stewart have all gotten into the Obama-mocking act.  Lesser-known actors have let their support for Romney leak out via Twitter and Facebook.  And God bless Gary Graham, who used the opportunity while he was accepting an award last weekend in Las Vegas to tell the emcee just what he thought about his conservative-bashing.

Last night’s Vice Presidential debate served one purpose only.  It gave hope to the democrat base that they are still in the fight.  But Joe Biden should not have been talking to his base last night.  He needed to speak to independents and undecideds.  The numbers show that at best they remain right where they were before the debate.  At worst, Joe scared them away.

So are you thinking what I’m thinking?  We can’t say it because it could jinx us.  We have to remind ourselves that there are 25 days left.  Anything could happen.  But I’m thinking 45-state landslide and I know some of you are as well.  The only action left is Senate races.