Month: February 2013

The Real Super Bowl Winner

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t care about the Super Bowl one bit. I don’t care about the half time performances. However, I do enjoy the creativity that comes as a result of the advertisement competition between the bowl sponsors. Most of you have seen the Dodge Ram tribute to the American Farmer that stole the show, but I thought I would post it at Right Voice Media for all to see. It’s worth watching, even for the tenth...

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Redistributing Government

    By Tarzana Joe    ❧❧❧❧ We all just got a lesson From those folks who make the game work Have a couple meetings Then announce you have a framework   They launch a little vessel Then step back as it goes drifting Leaving it to someone else To do the heavy lifting   Start a new bureaucracy And pass a few more laws Totally ignoring both The problem and the cause   The government’s enormous And its growth just can’t be slowed Any one that’s tried to Has been told to hit the road   So if our...

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Why Sheriff Clarke’s PSA is so dangerous to Gun Grabbers

  Recently the sheriff of Milwaukee, David Clarke, put out a public service announcement recommending that people learn how to defend themselves.   The Left has predictably banded together to attack the public spirit, if not the sanity, of Sheriff Clarke. He was invited on CNN by the fair and balanced Piers Morgan to defend his irresponsible PSA. Morgan opened the conversation with “Why did you do it?” The implication is that it was irresponsible to recommend that citizens ever take any action to defend themselves. He went on to say that the sheriff was in favor of Milwaukee...

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