The next ConservativeLA Radio show (on Duane FM in the Hughniverse, Friday, 04/04, 7:00 Pacific/10:00 Eastern) will be a repeat of a show from last October focusing on our National Pastime, which is of course…demonizing conservatives.

No that’s not true–the show will be all about Baseball. And there will be no Dodger bias. None. Honest.

Well maybe a little…

Hope you can stop by and listen, and join us in chat!

Spoiler set list:

Mystery intro by Generalissimo…
Mabel Scott: Baseball Boogie
Sound Clip: Vin Scully paraphrases Matt Kemp
Sound Clip: John Caponera does Vin and Harry Caray
Steve Goodman: A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request
Sound Clip: 1981 Dodgers World Series introductions
Bob Dylan: Catfish (From “Desire”) – (outtake)
Sound Clip: Mickey Mantle’s last HR at Yankee Stadium
Tom Russell: The Kid from Spavinaw
Babe Ruth: Farewell To Baseball
Les Brown: Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio
Wilco: Joe Dimaggio Done It Again
Lou Gehrig: Lou Gehrig’s Farewell Speech
Dropkick Murphys: Tessie
Sound Clip: Earl Weaver, Manager’s Corner
Watermelon Slim: Max the Baseball Clown
Sound Clip: Tommy Lasorda on Kurt Bevacqua
Count Basie: Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?
Sound Clip: Sandy Koufax ESPN documentary
The Treniers: Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)
Chuck Berry: Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Sound Clip: Tommy Lasorda tells a bad joke
Dan Castellaneta: Badger Baseball
The Intruders: (Love Is Like A) Baseball Game
Sound Clip: Vinny calls Sandy’s Perfect Game (1965)
Todd Snider: America’s Favorite Pastime
Sound Clip: Jack Buck calls Kurt Gibson’s hobble-off HR (1988)
The Baseball Project: Don’t Call Them Twinkies
King Curtis: Take Me Out To The Ballgame
Helen Dell: Take Me Out To the Ballgame
Pondering Judd: Losing
Jerry Jeff Walker: Nolan Ryan (He’s A Hero To Us All)
Sound Clip: Vinny’s understated call of 2013 NL West clinch
Dan Bern: The Golden Voice of Vin Scully
Sound Clip: Jon Miller’s awesome Vinny impression
Terry Cashman: Talkin’ Baseball: (Willie, Mickey an The Duke)
Whiskey Falls: Load Up The Bases (The Baseball Song)
Trace Adkins: Swing
Nancy Bea Hefley: It’s a Beautiful Day For a Ballgame
The Baseball Project: Satchel Paige Said