In the modern era, the Democrat Party and the American Left have claimed to be the champions of “women’s rights.”

We are told that the Republican Party and the American Right are misogynists who are actively engaged in a “war on women.” We are constantly hearing the Left engaging in histrionics to convince women that Republicans hate women.

But as a new book explains, the real war on women is being waged by the American Left.

Katie Pavlich, news editor at Townhall Magazine and contributor at FOX News, has authored Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women, which blows the lid off the Left’s fraudulent narrative.

Pavlich has done the yeoman’s work here, taking a two-by-four to the Left’s incredible sham of posing as advocates for the fairer sex while they sanctimoniously defend rapists, lechers, and in one case, a woman’s death.

Pavlich takes apart the Left’s claims about being the protectors of women one by one. She goes through the history of how the Democrat Party was run by misogynists from the beginning.

One of the best parts of the book is where she compared the Left’s hijacking of the women’s liberation movement to the similar hijacking of the Civil Rights Movement. Democrats, who historically actively denied rights to blacks and women, jumped aboard equal rights after it was politically advantageous to do so.

As with blacks, Democrats let Republicans do all the hard work of fighting for equal rights for women (while Democrats engaged in endless obstruction), and then at the right moment, Democrats jumped in and took all the credit.

It’s a massive lie that Democrats fight for women and black people, and the credit they steal for these advancements underlies the sinister politicking these people engage in. For the Democrats, it’s all about engaging in Stalinesque suppression of certain societal groups until it becomes political suicide to do so.

Pavlich is not afraid to skew the Left’s sacred cows: one-by-one, she rattles off the list of reprobates worshipped by the Left. Whether it’s Ted Kennedy (who got the only confirmed kill in the war on women), his brothers John and Robert, or their father Joe, Pavlich goes through a litany of women abuse by the beloved and revered Kennedy family.

She goes on to list the women abuses by the new elder statesman and “Father of the Year” of the Left, Bill Clinton. Clinton, who has a history of extra-marital affairs, abusing women, sexual harassment, and in one case an alleged rape, is a hero to the modern Left and is proof they see women as things and objects to be abused for power.

She then goes through the abuses of other Democrat “men” who are propped up and protected by their acolytes and sycophants in the drive-by media. Among those covered are Bob Filner, John Edwards, Al Gore, Anthony Weiner, and Chris Dodd, to name a few.

Every single one of these moral deviants and filthy perverts makes a claim of moral superiority on issues of “women’s rights” while they personally treat women like scum on the bottom of their shoe. Worse, Pavlich argues, is that the “war on women” meme is merely a cover for the fact that Democrat Party policies are actually damaging to women and, thus, damaging to all of society.

That is the real lie in this idiotic meme: that Republicans hate women and show it through policies that hurt women while Democrats love women by pushing policies that are good for women. In fact, Republican policies are not only better for women, Republicans show more respect for women and honor those things that make women special.

Democrats, however, enact policies that undermine women culturally, economically, and sometimes even physically. Democrats, as Pavlich documents, also personally mistreat women and then use their support for abortion and unbridled sexual “liberation” as a way to obfuscate the issue.