Month: February 2013

The Other Definition of Marriage

  No, not “same sex.” The one that for the most part shall remain nameless, taboo, sponsored by the letter ‘P’, as in ‘Permanent’ … shudders.   The other day, I was minding my own business, musing about the origins of marriage in consideration of “gay marriage” when a funny thing happened. To wit – Originally, marriage was primarily for children, or because of the near-certainty of having them. A long-term relationship between a man and a woman imposed certain risks and responsibilities upon them. For a woman, an agreement to have sex was usually a life-and-death commitment. If she...

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A Major Folly in Major Coursework

  There is a growing problem in American higher education: there are far too many courses that have no academic value whatsoever.   And what’s worse is that students are majoring in said coursework and then shocked that there is no work available in those fields. If you get a degree in any kind of cultural, ethnic, gender, or racial studies, you are pretty much unemployable. People have been led to think they can make a living in these subjects. Beyond teaching this class to the next generation, what does a degree in Gay Studies or Women’s Studies qualify...

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Dr. Ben Carson’s 2012 Liberty University Convocation

  Convocation is North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students, and each year it plays host to more than 80 guest speakers of national significance from every sphere of society. It is held within the Vines Center at Liberty University during each semester at 10:00 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday unless otherwise noted.   Listen and enjoy as Dr. Ben Carson addresses the students and faculty!...

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