Rubio is really wrong and this pains me (being from Florida, early on against Charlie Crist, I gave Rubio more money than I have ever given a politician – I had such high hopes!).  This Senate Bill solves very little and exposes Marco Rubio as either ignorant or part of the deviant political class – neither is good.

The Senate bill does little for future illegal crossings (CBO says 75% of current flow will still come).   Those given legal status WILL get welfare and much more.  By definition, over the lifetime of low wage earners, they are a MAJOR drag on government benefits and they use many more government services than they contribute in cash.

Further, Social Security will not be fully earned (many are over 30 yrs old), disability will skyrocket (a lot of this work is hard, painful and grueling), as will welfare for US and foreign born babies (they have more babies, as Jeb Bush suggests, and we will pay for 75% of them).

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

20 million more (with rampant chain migration, that number will be even higher) low wage people on the public system (yes ALL are on public system in some way) will cost trillions of dollars, as Heritage has suggested (and, this does not count local and state money spent for education, roads, jails, etc.).

One more thing, I live in a community with 36% Hispanics and most already get government benefits, especially EBT cards.  Can you blame them?  This administration is practically forcing people to take any and all freebies.

Add to all that, taxes and fines will never be paid.  How can our government process all these people?  The Obama administration will throw up their hands and argue BLANKET legalization, blanket green cards and blanket citizenship because “we just cannot burden the taxpayer to verify all these criminal background checks, fine determinations and back-taxes calculations – sorry”.

They won’t pay a dime.  The fines and taxes are just gimmicks for the CBO numbers to pretend this helps the economy (garbage in, garbage out).

It is now time for the House to craft a real bill, with real teeth and challenge President Obama to reject it.

I was born next to where the world’s best fence was being built.  One mile further east and I would have been an East German, destined to a life of wanting to escape a very good fence.  I saw that wall many times.  I was there after it fell.  But that wall was for keeping people in.


I have been to Mexico and Canada many times and I see no reason why people have to leave those countries, other than for a Holiday.  We want to protect ourselves from rampant drug running and protect Latinos from the dangers of human smugglers and control who comes and goes – like most countries.

There are so many things wrong with our current immigration system that I do think a comprehensive approach is necessary.  Again, the Republicans should know they hold all the cards and they need to pretend they are smart and write their OWN bill, not one written by Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and far left staffers in the Democrat mafia underground.

If the Republicans allow the Senate plan, any of it, then we will have Obamacare 2.0, but this time it will give the Democrats a permanent majority.

Congress, please listen to this last piece of advice.  You need to write the bill with Obama in mind.  Obama is just itching to get legislation in place so he can violate it.  After all, who is going to stop him?  Thus, there HAVE to be triggers, otherwise, he can so easily thwart this law.  He is just waiting. He will sign anything, because the end goal is to get 14 million new Democrat voters by 2016.

The Republicans do hold all the cards and if they are too dumb to waste this moment, then they deserve to lose like John “Build the Dang Fence” McCain.