Democrats were in love with this idea: a benevolent government would collect a tax from each according to his ability, and allocate health-care to each according to his needs.

It seemed so…fair. But once you take off the rose-colored glasses, you get mugged by the reality of history.

Before long, Michelle Obama’s sweet admonishments, “We nag you because we love you,” will be forgotten. The enticements of major league athletes and movie stars will fade away. Those smiles of encouragement will disappear and will be replaced.

“With what?” you may ask. With coercion!

You won’t be asked – you’ll be ordered. You’ll either comply or you’ll pay the liberty tax. If you don’t, you won’t be excused – you’ll be punished.

“Why?” you may ask. Because Obamacare is not a “marketplace,” as it claims to be, so reassuringly.

A marketplace is where people go to voluntarily exchange goods and services, to find the best deal for their money, to decide what and how much of what to buy. If they don’t want to buy, they simply pocket their money and walk away.

No, Obamacare is not a marketplace: it’s a government checkpoint.

Ghet Krakow 2

Show us your papers! You won’t see a guardhouse, manned by armed soldiers – you’ll get a tax form manned by armed IRS agents. Ignore either at your peril.

If America stands for one thing, it’s for Liberty through decentralized government.

National Government would love to tidy us all up and make us good little citizens, obedient to its definition of the common good. That same obedience is demanded in every socialist, communist and fascist country in the world.

If we don’t go along voluntarily, Centralized Government will use force. Is this really what we want?

Our health-care system, the best in the world, was first hobbled by regulation. The solution, Democrats decided, was to replace it with Obamacare and thus regulate it even more.

This is not going to work. You know what would? Remove the barriers to it being A TRUE MARKETPLACE.

A true marketplace, with unimpeded competition controlling prices. With millions of free-choices made by millions of people iterating towards the best possible service for the most people, as only the free market can do.

Yes, there’s a place for charity, but it’s not by federal diktat! Such is for the states, and the people, to the extent they elect to contribute. This is the constitutional way.

If we don’t repeal Obamacare, they’ll start tightening the screws. Over the next few years, past a few crucial elections, they’ll strap you up tight. It’ll hurt, and you won’t like it, especially you uncooperative “young invincibles.”

Will you stop it, while you still can? Can it be stopped before it’s too late?

What’ll it be – freedom or tyranny? Ultimately, that’s the choice.

Marketplace or government checkpoint – you make the call. If you don’t, the government will make it for you!