A few weeks ago, I attended a viewing of “The Honor Diaries,” which was being screened here in New York City.

If this documentary is being screened anywhere near you, I advise you go see it. It is graphic in its description of the way women are seen and treated in Islamic societies.

The film takes on the issues of honor killings and genital mutilation, and having seen it, I can say it puts to shame the way these issues are covered (or worse, covered up) in Western society. I always knew that women were badly mistreated, to the point of death, by some in the name of Islam.

What I did not realize, and what I found completely shocking, was the extent to which this abuse happens in the West. There are tales told by the women here that will break your heart, but more importantly, it should shock the conscience and outrage all decent people.

One of the most important things to understand about this horrifying treatment of women is that nowhere in the Quran does it call for “honor killings” or circumcision for women (genital mutilation). It is a warping of their religion that brave people within Islam, and certain outside of Islam, are trying to bring to our attention, sometimes at the risk of their lives and the safety of their families.

“The Honor Diaries” has been accused of being “Islamophobic” by organizations such as CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations). This accusation should be suspect if for no other reason, CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

CAIR is an apologist for acts of terrorism done in the name of Islam, and is more concerned with protecting the feelings of the terrorists than with protecting the lives of innocents around the world. CAIR is an organization that stands in as a front for actual terrorists such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Remember, folks, the behavior of the people at CAIR jeopardizes the lives of Muslims as well as non-Muslims. Remember that when they claim to be standing up for Muslims.

As Brooke Goldstein said during the panel that followed the film:

“If CAIR, a front for Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood, doesn’t want you to see a film, there must be truth contained therein.”

It’s always a safe bet that anything CAIR opposes is good and truthful.

If you see “The Honor Diaries,” your eyes will be opened to a truly great evil that is infesting both the Islamic and non-Islamic worlds. No one is safe from this because remember, Islamists believe everyone should convert, even at the point of the sword.

We in the West have an obligation to open our eyes to the mistreatment of women under this culture. We can’t just accept what our Main Stream Media reports: MSM is NOT covering the abuse of women in the name of Islam. The only people who are carrying this light of truth are women who have either suffered abuse, or others they know people who have suffered.

We as human beings cannot sit silently while our fellow humans are being abused and killed by people who think their god honors such behavior. Or worse, those Islamists who know their god doesn’t honor abuse of women, but justify it by claiming otherwise.

“The Honor Diaries” is not just a documentary, it’s a call to arms: it is the rallying cry of a truly oppressed minority who need the aid of the majority to put a stop to the horrifying behavior. The horrors described here can’t be stopped until people know about them.

And people can’t know about them until they are alerted by those who already know. I hope my pushing you to see this film is the first step towards that end.