The Allies moved into Germany after World War One and the occupation troops were removed without leaving a residual force

RESULT: World War Two.

The coalition invaded Iraq in 2003, won the war and left a residual force. President Obama removed the force in 2011.

RESULT: ISIS breakout.

Does anyone see a parallel?

Liberals and Democrats, including Obama, want to punish prosperous Americans and drag them into the mediocrity of the Democrat constituency by “spreading the wealth around”, instead of raising the lower classes up through economic growth (a concept that President Kennedy knew very well).

Obama wants to dismantle a prosperous United States, as founded, and drag it into the mediocrity of the social democracies, instead of continuing the American tradition of liberating millions of oppressed people and giving them the opportunity to build free and prosperous societies reflecting the example of a prosperous and free USA.

Does anyone see a parallel?

United States and ARVN forces soundly defeated the Viet Cong in TET, 1968, inflicting twice as many casualties as suffered by the Americans. General Westmoreland requested 200,000 more troops to finish the job but was denied.

The liberal mainstream media agreed with Walter Cronkite and President Johnson that the fact that the VC could carry out surprise attacks on every major population center in South Vietnam meant that the war could not be won, despite the fact that the Viet Cong had been rendered combat ineffective.

A political event occurred: Watergate. When the North Vietnamese invaded the South, President Nixon was unable to keep his promise that US forces would return to help Saigon.

RESULT: The North conquered all of Vietnam.

In 2001, American and friendly Afghan forces defeated the Taliban and free elections were conducted. Residual American forces remained and the future of Afghanistan looked brighter than it had in centuries.

A political event occurred: Barak Obama was elected President in 2008.

Immediately there was talk of withdrawing American forces from the country cheered on by the liberal mainstream media. American commanders requested a surge of forces. Obama answered with a feeble effort then announced a date certain when American forces would be removed.


Does anyone see a parallel?

To anyone with an ounce of objectivity, the parallels are clear. American strength, liberation, and economic support are positive forces in the world.

American weakness, withdrawal, and indecision are negative forces in the world.

Now, due to events in Iraq and Syria, the American steamship of defeat and withdrawal is being slowly turned to a reverse course. This is not a call to war, but a lesson in history.

The United States must use its power properly in these troubled times. Let us hope that it is not too late to return to the virtues America has demonstrated throughout her history as a champion of liberty.

A Republican Senate, House of Representatives, and, God willing, a conservative President in 1916, seems to be a prescription for getting the Ship of State back on a proper and positive course.

Bob Colvin

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