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What is a Tribble?

The term “Tribble” comes from Star Trek, the original series. Tribbles were furry little creatures that people thought were cute but multiplied and multiplied over the course of a day until no one could go anywhere without seeing hundreds of them. (Switch to Leslie Nielsen voice) But that’s not important right now…

In the current context, we Tribbles are enthusiasts of the Hugh Hewitt Show. In all cases, Tribbles post on Twitter on the hashtag #hewitt during and after his show. Right Voice Media, formerly Tribble News, is a cooperative effort by two editors, Michael Withem and Tamara Jackson. Our purpose is to promote conservative ideals in relation to Politics, Faith, Military, Guns, and all things with regard to our friend, Hugh.

If you are a Tribble and would like to be a contributor on, register with us, then contact us on our Facebook page requesting to be a contributor. If we like the articles you write, we’ll approve them to be posted  in our “From Tribbles” feed. If we really like your article, we’ll feature it in one of our main news areas.