Month: September 2012

A Winning Strategy

  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the right choice for us in November, but they need to figure out the solution to winning. If they do well in these six things, they will win on November 6th.   1) Get on TV more often There is no doubt about it, Mitt Romney needs to get on TV more. Every day Romeny goes to beneficial rallies and events that will help him win, but he needs to go on The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity or On the Record multiple times before the election. Unfortunately, many voters decide who they are...

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A Memo from NBC News

  by Tarzana Joe   ☙☙☙☙ These campaign controversies Have become so sad and silly it’s Time to send a memo out To all of our affiliates We’ve seen the lastest ratings Those we’d norm’ly be ignoring They tell us that the public’s Finding this election boring And based on polling data That the White House has provided The outcome for November Has been, more or less, decided Our pollster asked 10 Democrats The person they support. He Added up the totals and It came out 60/40 With limited resources The task our network faces Is determining what news...

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Hillsdale’s Constitution Reader

  Hillsdale College adds another amazing online learning tool: The Constitution Reader Online   Last year Hillsdale began superb and free instruction with Constitution 101, a brilliant video series of lectures streaming live and also available on demand in the archives. This class was so well received, it was subsequently followed by Constitution 201 this year. Larry Arnn, Hillsdale’s president, seems to have a great vision of deepening Americans’ knowledge of and familiarity with our founding documents, and to this end offers one more interactive, online tool. Listen to Dr. Arnn’s message concerning the vital importance of The Constitution: “…we were...

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