For anyone who has heard the story of the Romeike family, it is an infuriating one indeed.

To recap, the Romeike family came to the United States from Germany in 2008 to seek asylum because they want to homeschool their children, and homeschooling is a crime in Germany. In 2010, they were granted asylum.

However, the Obama regime objected on the grounds that homeschooling is not a human right and thought that the government should be able to jail people who want to take their kids out of government schools.

Got that, folks? As a parent, being able to decide how your children are educated is not a human right.

From the same people who confer the right to jam scissors into the brain of a child and then throw said child in the trash, if you choose not to invite such a fate unto your child, you don’t get to decide on alternatives to government school for them.

This case shows not only the Left’s dedication to harassing and demonizing Christians, but it also exposes the abject stupidity of our immigration laws. The Obama regime spends taxpayer money in Mexico in an attempt to import more welfare recipients who they can buy off.

Obama’s flunkies relax rules so that terrorists can come into the country (it’s like 9/11 never even happened). They refuse to deport illegal aliens even after they have committed other atrocities such as rape, burglary, fraud, and sometimes murder.

And yet, when a family of white Germans follows the legal process to get here so they can escape a government that criminalizes Christian homeschooling, Comrades Obama and Holder salivate at the opportunity to deport them.

Remember, Obama has an aunt and uncle who both violated immigration law and the courts allowed them to stay. People who knowingly violate the law are allowed to stay.

Why? Democrats need them for their “fundamental transformation” of the greatest nation God ever gave man into a third-world rathole where a few elites (them) get to reign on high while the rest of us live lives of destitution and squalor.

Meanwhile, a family who followed the law to a T is being forced out because white European Christians seem not to be welcome in Obama’s America.

You might judge my assertion that the Left is gleeful over the opportunity to deport a family of white European Christians far fetched. But remember, these are the same people who think government exists to force Christian churches and business owners to appreciate and endorse the homosexual lifestyle.

The Romeike family represents everything that the Left despises. They are Christians, they are homeschoolers, and they are self-reliant, thus, they are not welcome here.

The proof is in the pudding: we are now in an age where Democrats do not want illegal aliens to be referred to as “illegal,” deeming it to be an insult. They stand up for illegal aliens who are violent criminals, and those who use fake Social Security numbers.

But look at the lengths they are going to so they can deport homeschooling Christians.

Also of note, the implication that homeschooling breeds intolerance . From a legal brief filed by the Justice Department in 2013 (h/t Todd Starnes of Fox News) (emphasis mine):

“The goal in Germany is for an open, pluralistic society. Teaching tolerance to children of all backgrounds helps to develop the ability to interact as a fully functioning citizen in Germany.”

Here that? We need an open, pluralistic, tolerant society, so Christians aren’t welcome, and if we catch you homeschooling, we will jail you and confiscate your kids. Obama regime attempts to deport the Romeikes, classifying the German, Christian, homeschooling family as intolerant.

Yet, Obama himself poses as a Christian when it serves his purpose to push his statist agenda.

In 2013, the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the Romeike family’s claim that Germany’s laws against homeschooling violate international human rights standards. And today, the Supreme Court has refused to hear the case, which paves the way for Comrades Obama and Holder to deport them back to Germany, where they will surely lose custody of their children.

Obama has to know that the Romeike’s will lose their children, which should outrage him and his comrades on the Left since they always argue against deportation on the grounds that deporting people “splits up families.”

This is just more hypocrisy from the Left since they seem not to be bothered by the reality that the Romeike’s will lose custody of their six children. It wouldn’t even be a stretch to say that the Left would like to see them lose their children since they dare to challenge the state.

This case is another example of Obama’s “fundamental transformation,” where Christian homeschoolers are deported to a country where they will be jailed and their children will be taken away.

I remember when the United States was a country where people being persecuted for religious beliefs were welcomed with open arms. Now our government seems eager to oppress people seeking asylum, and spends taxpayer money to ensure their oppression.

UPDATE: Effective Tuesday, March 4, the Romeike family has been told by the Department of Homeland Security that they are being granted indefinite deferred action status. Simply put, the order of removal will not be acted on and the family will be able to stay in the United States.