The Second Amendment guarantees law abiding, American citizens the right to self-defence against criminals and tyrannical government…something rugged, individualist patriots fully understand.

However, squeamish types wring their hands at the mere mention of private citizens using deadly force to defend themselves or others!

Such panty waisted prognosticators are a felon’s best bet for psychologically disarmed victims — prey he can easily harm or kill with no resistance.

A peek at the 2012 FBI Crime In The United States report reveals a whopping 14,827 homicides committed by criminals, not often invoked by vigilantes (who don’t exist).


Citizens committed 310 justifiable (righteous) homicides, against felons engaged in yet another felony before their evil careers were halted.
Felons with guns are the problem, not homeowners or others forced to use deadly force or be killed.

Decent folks don’t want to kill anyone, unlike their attackers! They take pains to avoid confrontations and are literally dragged into them against their will!

It’s shameful how violent felons enjoy rabid cheerleading in civil rights, clergy and elected quarters.

Who raises an outcry from these podiums for victims who couldn’t defend themselves?

When does their deafening silence end over heroes who turned the tables on their attackers?

The justification for justified homicide is simple: it isn’t “discrimination” to stop violent felons once and for all!

Here is the truth: citizens would rather not be placed in these situations and only want to lead peaceful lives.


2CapBlackNadra Enzi aka Cap Black The Hood Conservative is an anti-crime activist & Project 21 member in New Orleans.