Okay, Fergie, I’m calling it – stand down and listen up. You were a fool to dump Officer Wilson for Michael Brown.

If only you’d had a little faith, you could have saved yourself a lot of heart-ache!

First, you fell for Reverend Wormtongue’s racism shtick.  If he thinks he can take down a white cop over the body of a young black man, he’ll do it – right or wrong, truth be damned. He’s a race hustler – it fills his coffers and makes him look like a big man to his constituents.

It didn’t help when your own Chief of Police, and the Attorney General of the United States, chimed in against Officer Wilson, as if he just went and shot poor black Michael for no reason. They were not here to protect you, but to protect themselves and their agendas, truth be damned. They are race hustlers too – they need black votes, and they’ll pander to anyone to get them.

These people call for restraint on one hand, but on the other they demagogue the most radical slander. They agree with the mob: that Office Wilson was prejudiced – wanting and willing – to kill a defenseless young black man.

I knew we were in trouble when their friends came to town – the same losers who show up for every protest: the Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, and Unionistas.

They used you!

But you were way too quick to agree with them. When did you start to assume that your police could easily be racist killers?

If Officer Wilson had been black and Michael Brown had been white, would you have fallen for that? I don’t think so. I think you’d have said, “Well, we need to wait and get the facts.”

True, there was that whole meme about Michael Brown being an unarmed youth, a “gentle giant,” shot in the back on his way to school. But didn’t that sound way too pat to you? It did to me.

Remember Trayvon Martin? The same people said the same kind of things about him. Eventually, the truth came out, as it usually does: Trayvon attacked George Zimmerman. That should have been a clue for you not to believe everything you hear.

Finally, the truth is coming to light here, too. If even the New York Times has to agree, I think I’m on solid ground: Officer Wilson was defending his life.

I know this may be disappointing to you. Some really want to believe that Officer Wilson was a cold-blooded killer. But he’s not. And you know what? Most people aren’t, whether they’re police or not.

It turns out that the person you thought was a racist, oppressive murderer was the one out on the street, risking his life day in and day out to protect your rear end.

Michael Brown’s death was a tragedy. It was unnecessary – he could have easily prevented it.

Let this be a lesson for others:

  1. Don’t commit crimes, especially violent felonies.
  2. When stopped by police, be respectful, and follow directions.
  3. Don’t make threatening moves, don’t fight, and don’t resist arrest.

Then, if someone is mistreated, the laws of God and man are on their side, and they will probably prevail.

Wake up, Ferguson. You’re going to have to eat some crow. That’s what happens when you jump to conclusions. That, and the millions of dollars in damages resulting from those senseless riots.

The good news, Fergie, is this: Officer Wilson was not killed by Michael Brown.

So, when this is over, it’s still possible for you to apologize to him for assuming that he is a racist murderer.

Let’s pray that no other officer ever has to draw a weapon on anyone, in defense of his or her own life, or in defense of the lives of others. It’s a bitch, as I’m sure Officer Wilson would be the first to tell you.