Author: Michael Withem

DNC Chair Villaraigosa’s Moment of Horror

For those of you who didn’t listen to Hugh Hewitt play this clip 20+ times on his show yesterday, I wanted to post it in all of its glory for you to see. The DNC Chair Antionio Villaraigosa calls for a vote to add an amendment to the DNC platform that would reinstate the party’s belief in God as well as their recognition and support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I’ve viewed and listened to the clip going on 30 times now and I still can’t help but have a┬ámischievous chuckle when he can’t decide what to...

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Los Angeles Nightfall

This is some really amazing time lapse photography by Colin Rich. The production is fantastic. What sets this apart for me is I usually see time lapse with stationary cameras. This film does some really cool panning and moving as the time moves forward and it creates some very deep and engaging video....

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