At the end of 2010, Disney released their reboot of the classic movie “Tron”.  As a consumer of most things Sci-Fi, I immediately jumped at the chance to see it.  I expected to walk away from the movie with awe of the stunning lighting effects and satisfaction at seeing a great new Sci-Fi, which I did. What I did not expect was for the soundtrack to have such a profound effect on me. I walked out of the movie and immediately went to buy the album.

The Tron Legacy Soundtrack was put together by the British Electro Pop duo, Daft Punk. I implore you to set aside any notions you had about this band’s music before Tron. The music from this movie could be classified as a hybrid between an orchestral score and electronica (techno for the uninitiated). Rather than try to explain, I thought I would introduce you to my favorite track in the movie and perhaps my favorite song written in the last five years, Adagio for Tron.

The score continues with some electronic songs, some orchestral, some mixed. Highlights for me include the tracks “Son of Flynn” and “Outlands” (which is featured on one of the new BMW commercials). If you want to listen to the whole album online, you can do so on grooveshark for free. Please do. I don’t think you’ll be sorry.