Maybe Tales from a tribble has  been wrong about all the criticism it has been giving President Obama.  Has there ever been a president with this many record breaking accomplishments?

I haven’t seen any other blog give the president his just do, so Tales from a tribble will try and rectify that situation.

Record breaking accomplishments of president Obama:


1. On August 5, 2011 for the first time in US history S&P lowered the credit rating of the United States to AA+, from AAA.  No other president in history can claim this happened on their watch…so fans of Ronald Reagan, don’t even dare to say he had this record breaking rating.

Take a bow, president Obama.


2. The number of people on food stamps [over 45 million in 2011] is the highest in our nations history. Congratulations president Obama, another record blown to bits by your administration.

Take a bow, president Obama.


3. To go along with record #2, the Obama administration has blown wide open the amount of money the federal government now spends on food stamps. Under the evil president George W Bush in 2007, a measly $30 billion was spent on food stamps;  in 2011 under the leadership of the great president Obama, $72 billion was used on the food stamp program.  I am sure president Obama would echo the words of the early 20th century jazz singer, Al Jolson, if Americans vote him in for another term, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Take a bow, president Obama.


4. The unemployment rate of the United States has been over 8% for a record  [outside of the Great Depression] shattering 42 straight months. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, ha! None of these supposed great presidents has come close to matching such a high unemployment rate for such a sustained period of time. You think someone might break this record in the future? I remind you this is 42 and counting. President Obama’s economy ain’t through yet baby. He still has time to add many more months to this record.

Take a bow, president Obama.


5.There has been a record shattering 18 straight months and counting of gas prices over $3/gallon.  George W Bush couldn’t even come close to matching this record as he only managed 9 months in a row of gas prices at such a high price.

Take a bow, president Obama.


6. Under this administration we have the largest national debt in the history of the country of almost 16 trillion dollars.

Take a bow, president Obama.


7. There is a record # of people in poverty of over 46 million in the United States [since the Census Bureau has begun taking readings]

Take a bow, president Obama



Yes, president Obama, I know you may be tired from all the bowing you have had to do overseas in front of Arab Muslim leaders, but I hope you can garner up the energy to take a bow for all  of your record breaking accomplishments in this country.


I hope that after the American people, not quite wanting such breath taking record breaking accomplishments beginning in 2013, vote you out of office, you will bow out gracefully.  That is the bow I will be looking for.