For the record, contrary to the misleading image of American Blacks marketed by the liberal mainstream, I state the following:

I’m NOT a pro-crime activist, so don ‘t ask me to join the latest hand wringing over the next Black thug to buy the farm.

Innocent victims, however, are another matter.

Security:  personal, communal and cultural, is my sector of the civil rights movement.

I don’t mentor nor invite Black boys and men old enough to know better to figuratively sit on my lap (ugh!) and whine about how unfair society is for actually holding them responsible for very real crime.

Black thugs, whom I’ve un-affectionately labeled, “chocolate Klansmen,” are NOT my brothers. Nor are they “political prisoners,” nor anything I remotely relate to.

My contribution to the Black community is securing it against the demon seed in our midst, without apology nor hesitation.

I can’t join the charade of prioritizing occasional violence and disrespect committed by others as totally trumping a daily tide of fratricide and filth.

I refuse to pet the serpent in the Black garden and call him a victim.

That’s my contribution to the Black community and broadly, America.

Consider me a boots-on-the-ground voice for the silenced, shrinking majority of American Blacks who can’t afford further silence about personal responsibility and its role in urban public safety.

2CapBlackNadra Enzi aka Cap Black The Hood Conservative, is an anti-crime activist in New Orleans and Project 21 member.


Editor’s note: Nadra Enzi might be black, the Hood Conservative, but to me he has become another American fighting to restore righteousness and civility to our nation. Nadra champions integrity and personal responsibility, and shines a relentless light on the racism and violence infiltrating so much of the black community. I am proud to call Nadra a brother in the fight, and commend his vigilance and resolve.