Every venture has to have its first step. Today we take ours. I’ve partnered with the Infamous Tribble of Tribbles, TamiJ, to bring you Tribble News. Why? That’s a good question. We’re stepping out on this limb for a number of reasons:

  • We love this Nation and want to build it up. We believe that our government and our people’s principles can change. They can get better.
  • We love our freedoms and want to practice them. Long live freedom of the press.
  • We love talk radio. The Tribbles, a group bound together by a love of Hugh Hewitt, were founded by Tami and have evolved into an online community of conservatives.

The list does go on, but these sum up what we’re about. We hope to grow, to feature news and articles from larger names, from friends, and from you, our readers.

Thanks for reading!

Michael Withem