Nobody’s buying it.


Today’s Washington Post paraphrased the official statement from AARP after the President used the organization’s name last night in the debate:

From WaPo:

“AARP’s senior vice president, John Hishta, says AARP is nonpartisan and has never consented to the use of its name by any campaign or political group and doesn’t take sides in political races.”

Kimberly Strassel

While it may be true that AARP does not consent to the use of its name and does not officially endorse candidates, the idea that they are nonpartisan is laughable. Just two weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal ran an article by Kimberly Strassel. Kimberly links to 71 pages of e-mail correspondence between senior Obama officials and AARP senior managers. The e-mail records show a pattern of deceit and coercion orchestrated by the Obama administration and AARP. Then, the mighty communication arm of the AARP used its influence to first allay seniors’ fear of health care reform, then throw their support behind Obamacare. Here’s the money quote:

“AARP’s ardent efforts on behalf of ObamaCare bear a resemblance to the work of the drug and health industry in 2009—with one significant difference. Those industries’ backroom dealing was motivated by financial self-interest. What motivated AARP, given that its membership of 37 million people 50 years old and older was clearly opposed to ObamaCare, since they recognized that it would hurt them? The answer appears to be: pure ideology.”

Overwhelming numbers of senior citizens were calling AARP to complain and thousands were cancelling their memberships. AARP ignored them and pressed ahead. They stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars on Medigap insurance policies. Who cares what the public thinks?

William A. Jacobson, Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Securities Law Clinic, Cornell University

Now we tribbles here at Tribble News are pretty sharp, sometimes. We know a con-job when we see one and Obamacare was the mother of all con-jobs. But now, thanks to Kimberly, it’s a fully documented con-job that was orchestrated by a team of AARP and White House operatives working together.

William Jacobsen also has a great writeup and additional information over at Legal Insurrection.


Follow up: AARP has sent an e-mail to members inviting them to join an on-line webinar next week entitled “Demystifying the Health Care Law. From the e-mail:

“This free webinar will debunk some of the myths on the health care law to help you separate fact from fiction. Gain a clear understanding of the changes and improvements in the law and how each applies to you and your family.”

Is AARP is still doing damage control with their members? Or do they still need to clarify their relationship with the White House?