One month after the terrorist attack on the US installment in Benghazi, Libya, the Obama White House is still re-writing  the narrative. At first the entire team, fronted by Jay Carney, maintained an obscure video, that had been in the public domain for 6 months prior, ignited an organic, violent mob to attack the US Embassy. Never mind that the exact date of the attack and murders of 4 Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Never mind that the RSO had been requesting additional assets for months. Never mind that there had been 230 prior attacks of increasing violence in Libya, 48 targeting Benghazi.

60 MM Mortar

Then videos appeared that clearly showed no demonstrations outside the embassy at the time of the attack–just a silent night interrupted by jihadis armed with RPG’s and mortars. The average Libyan does not have RPG’s and mortars in the shed: these are military grade weapons.

Also, according to an Intel source, the watch officer on duty had 3 minutes to get a message concerning the attack to the Comm Center, and the Comm Center had 30 minutes to send the message to the White House.

So we can conclude that officials at the White House and State knew of an attack within 1/2 hour, NOT days. What we do not know, yet, is who made the decision to go with the implausible video story. We do know that Ambassador Rice, Jay Carney and President Obama reiterated the false story through 7 days after the attack.

We also know, as described in this WaPo graph:

The two U.S. compounds where Stevens and three other Americans were killed in a sustained, brutal attack the night of Sept. 11, proved to be strikingly vulnerable targets in an era of barricaded embassies and multibillion-dollar security contracts for U.S. diplomatic facilities in conflict zones, according to interviews with U.S. and Libyan officials and eyewitnesses in recent days.

 Indeed, as Mark Steyn described on air with Hugh Hewitt,

“…that lousy Benghazi compound, that pathetic little nothing building! When you go to a US Embassy in any peaceful Scandinavian, western European country it’s like a fortress! All the natives hate it! The locals hate living anywhere near an US embassy in a western European capital because they’re like armed fortresses!”

On air with Uma Pemmaraju this morning, Ed Klein asserted,“Bill Clinton believes, this based on my reporting, that given the stakes in this election, the Obama White House and especially the Obama campaign team is likely to try and throw Hillary under the bus rather than have Obama take responsibility for what happened in Benghazi.” Klein added,“Bill’s whole effort this year has not been to concentrate on 2012 and the re-election of Barack Obama, but to set the stage for a run by his wife, Hillary, in 2016.”

Ed Klein

Apparently the Clintons are lawyering up and arming their legal team in the event Secretary Clinton is subpoenaed. Any American who has paid the modicum of attention for the last 20 years knows the Clintons are a tough, ruthless, and razor-sharp team who will not allow their marriage of power to be threatened. Obama may be smart, and perhaps took Hillary by surprise in ’08, but Bill and Hillary have had 4 years to mull over that loss and undoubtedly will not be bested a second time.

Americans must demand the truth about Benghazi–we have 11,500 US citizens serving in embassies and posts around the globe who deserve to know their country will protect them. Additionally, the families of the fallen–Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith–deserve to know the truth. Every American and every real journalist in this country should be outraged at the Benghazi attack and cover-up: this horrific event far surpasses Watergate, which involved burglaries and wiretaps of Dem operatives. The Benghazi planned, strategic and avoidable terrorist attack resulted in the brutal murder of 4 brave Americans. Here’s hoping State and the White House are grilled until everyone knows the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.