From the Book of Genesis to John Locke


Hillsdale College pioneered video courses on the Constitution with “Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution” and “Constitution 201: The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism”.  Recently Hillsdale added their marvelous Constitution Reader, a digital online resource for integrating these courses and the supporting documents.

Now, in the next step toward augmenting every citizen’s grasp of our Republic and its underpinnings, Hillsdale will be offering a Western Heritage course. As Hugh Hewitt strongly recommended in his book, In, but Not Of, every American who hopes to make a difference and to preserve our country’s liberty must know where we came from–the history of the West (the Jews, the Greeks, the Romans, the Brits and America).



The schedule:

  1. Jerusalem, Athens, and the Study of History at Hillsdale College
    Larry P. Arnn
    Available Monday, October 15
  2. The Hebrew Legacy
    Mark Kalthoff
    Available Monday, October 22
  3. The Greek Miracle
    Paul Rahe
    Available Monday, October 29
  4. The Greek Legacy
    Terrence Moore
    Available Monday, November 5
  5. The Roman Legacy
    Terrence Moore
    Available Monday, November 12
  6. Early Christianity
    Kenneth Calvert
    Available Monday, November 19
  7. Church and State
    David Stewart
    Available Monday, November 26
  8. Renaissance, Reformation, and Counter-Reformation
    Matthew Gaetano
    Available Monday, December 3
  9. The Scientific Revolution
    Mark Kalthoff
    Available Monday, December 10
  10. From Elizabeth I to the Glorious Revolution
    Paul Rahe
    Available Monday, December 17

Once again I urge everyone to take immediate advantage of this free course–an unparalleled opportunity to add to or refresh your knowledge of our Western Heritage, where we came from as a people.

(Note: Select portions from Hillsdale’s Western Heritage reader used for History 101 are provided free-of-charge through their website. You can receive a printed copy of the Western Heritage  reader for a tax-deductible gift of $100.)