No intro needed … we’ll just let the stupidity speak for itself:





To these types, I’ll bet that the preferred solution is to gather the non-rock-throwing preschoolers in a circle in the middle of the playground, and let the rock-throwers have an easier time of it.

I propose a better alternative.

Let’s set up an experiment involving two playgrounds: one where there are plenty of rocks and all the kids play baseball, and one where the rocks have been carefully removed and only constructive conflict resolution is taught. Then let’s give a problem kid a rock and collect statistics on which playground s/he chooses to attack more often.

Or even better, let’s not use the tragic deaths of children to trot out our political hobbyhorses in front of the White House within hours of an attack.

(Oh, by the way, the green letters make your sign hard to read.  If you’re going to preen for the cameras in support of your pet causes, you might want to work on that readability aspect …)