According to conventional wisdom, kids will have sex regardless of their parents’ wishes, so we should provide them with access to birth control, condoms and instruction manuals, all now considered a human right at the U.N.  This makes sex safer for children.


Similarly, many of our children will possess guns, regardless. Others grow up to become gun owners.  Certainly the improper use of firearms is even more dangerous than the improper use of a condom!  Responsible gun ownership is both a right and a responsibility of citizenship. The way forward is clear – we must use our schools to train our children in the proper use of firearms.  Gun control through education and experience!

It is well-known that Concealed Carry (CCW) Permit holders are among the most law-abiding and responsible members of society.  They take the trouble to learn how to safely handle their weapons. They take the time to understand the consequences of ever having to fire a weapon.  They assume the responsibility of lawfully protecting themselves and their loved ones from becoming victims.  And, by extension, they provide the wonderful externality of protecting others.  Their very presence diminishes crime.

I’m sure even Bob Costas would agree that as long as there are guns in the world, people should be well-trained to handle them. And I’m sure he would agree that he can no more keep criminals from using guns than he can keep kids from having sex.  We can best protect our kids by arming them with knowledge and skill.

We have Driver Education because we need people to be skilled and responsible behind the wheel of a vehicle.  We have Sex Education because we want people to be knowledgeable in other ways.

Why should we not have the same with Firearms Education?




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