I, through no power but my desire to unite Americans worth uniting, wish you a Happy American History Month. 

blackhis4You might have noticed February is Black History Month. If we’re honest, it could more accurately be called Black Liberal History Month.

In typical liberal fashion, an observance once meant to highlight our American contribution, instead became 28 divisive days where we can talk bad about White folks, while they smile and take it.

Not quite my idea of uniting Americans.

God made me a deep, year round brown. Running around telling folks “I’m Black! I’m Black! I’m Black!” isn’t just repetitive–it’s silly. And racist were the same done by an American who was White.

God also made me an American. Yes y’all, Black folks are Americans, too, no matter what our sun tanned, America-hating, socialists preach. Every American comes from some unique group. Hate to disappoint inevitable critics, but American History Month isn’t about making black people less “Black.”

It’s about making AMERICAN Blacks and all Americans period, unite more by using history as a common ground.

American History Month is dedicated to celebrating how what’s right with America triumphs over what’s wrong with America! It’s a timely message, especially now when American Blacks and Americans period are economically falling farther and farther behind.

Socialists use Black (Liberal) History Month to tell American Blacks and Americans period about what’s wrong with America.



Why can’t patriots use February to tell American Blacks and Americans period what’s right with America? 

By the power vested in me by no one in particular, I now declare the month of February, 2013 the first American History Month!

US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, my fellow native of Savannah, GA embodies American History Month’s celebration of what’s right with America!


Justice Clarence Thomas

That’s why he’s my first honoree. His life exemplifies how far one can go after opening his heart and mind to God and country!

He calls people who write him, opens his chambers to low income school children, and unfailingly defends the original intent of our founding document.

Happy American History Month Justice Thomas!



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