Back in November I made an ominous post on the Tribble News Facebook page; “Big things are coming to Tribble News,” or something to that effect. Tami and I have had some discussions about the future of our news outlet and I wanted to share with you, our users, some of these thoughts and ask for your feedback!

I connected with Tami and got to know many of the Tribbles back in May, after my appearance on the Hugh Hewitt show. As I got to know all of you and followed your twitter feeds, I saw that most of us had our own small websites; we shared our thoughts through blogging, tweeting, and other creative outlets. Out of this observation came Tribble News – my attempt to create a community and central place for these ideas of the Hugh Hewitt Tribbles to be shared and seen by the world.

We’ve had great success and have pulled in ideas and articles from a lot of places I never expected. I’ve also come to see Tami grow as an online community admin. As The One says, “Let me be clear…” This site would never have grown legs without Tami’s attention and constant editing / prodding for new content.

This being said, we want to grow the site further. We want to set our sights higher. We feel that keeping Tribble News in the circle of Hugh Hewitt listeners and contributors is too small a vision. We want to become the one place online where conservatives can come, share their voice, and participate in the conversation about limited government, strong defense, fiscal conservatism, and most importantly faith in God.  With these ideals in mind, here are some of the changes we are considering making to Tribble News:

  1. Changing the name from Tribble News to Right Voice Media.
  2. Adding support for users to have their own blogs underneath Right Voice Media. Contributors would be heavily screened before given the ability to blog so we don’t get trolls.
  3. Pulling the most popular posts from contributor blogs to the front page of the site.
  4. Adding support for contributors to not only post text articles, but to share photos, artwork, poetry, discussion threads, and videos.
  5. By-invitation support for users to be able to podcast. We would syndicate Tami’s 405 Radio cast too!

So now it’s time for you to weigh in! I would love any feedback you have.

As always, thank you for reading and supporting Tribble News!