By Tami Jackson

On August 31, President Obama offered his hearty congratulations to ISNA (Islamic Society of North America)…an organization known to be an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood and fellow “mujahideen” in the “Grand Jihad.”

The Muslim Brotherhood (also known as Ikhwan), founded in 1928 by Islamist Hassan al-Banna for the purpose of achieving a global, Islamic caliphate, or rule by Islam and sharia law, has listed 29 ally organizations — and ISNA tops the list!

Al-Banna, whose grandson, Tariq Ramadan, is today the West’s most influential Islamist ensconced at the well-respected Oxford University, preached that the caliphate would be realized through jihad — holy war.

This Grand Jihad remains the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal and reason for being, and those organizations who partner with with the Brotherhood affirm and preach jihad. They may employ “taqiyya” — the strategy of deception (LYING) and so camouflage their true purpose, but they never waiver in their jihadist intent.

Yet, Obama is foolishly deluded in believing that, because he attended a madrasah and has a ½ sister who’s a Muslim, he can bridge the gap between the Western world and the Muslim world.

The President has waged an all-out campaign blitz to mainstream and mellow Ikhwan’s image.

As Erick Stakelbeck wrote in his must-read book The Brotherhood America’s Next Great Enemy:

To him [Obama], the Muslim Brotherhood is not a dangerous Islamist organization but a revolutionary liberation movement that opposes corrupt, U.S.-supported dictatorships (like Mubarak’s) and Western Imperialism and stands for authentic, true Islam.

To President Obama, the “Muslim” in the Muslim Brotherhood is secondary, even insignificant. It’s the MB’s struggle against the existing and inherently unfair global order — one set up by greedy, imperialistic, capitalistic Western powers — that really matters and must be supported.

But be not deceived: as in the beginning with the Brotherhood, they desire extermination of the Jews and death or obeisance for all Western infidels. Nothing has changed except the stylish veneer and slick manners.

This video is a dangerous and shameful signal of approval to the Muslim Brotherhood.