Yesterday, nationally-syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt wrote a piece “Make the Border Kids Americans,” for Politico.

Hewitt outlined a solution to the massive Obama-manufactured humanitarian crisis at what used to be our southern border.

The title “Make the Border Kids Americans” in and of itself should be cringe-inducing. Yes, folks, it’s exactly what you feared: amnesty.

From paragraph three:

Right now the country ought to act to end the humanitarian crisis of tens of thousands of what are, in effect, orphans and strangers in our land. The very young among them should find “forever families” right here, right now. They should become Americans.

In short, you win, Mr. President.

You flooded the border with all of these children in order to get the GOP to surrender to your lawlessness, make them all citizens, and then here comes chain migration to bring all of their families (and anyone else who wants to claim to be related to them) to become citizens, too. This would be nothing short of acquiescing to a president who has made it clear that he’s above the law.

Our nation cannot sustain this in-flow of illegal aliens for many reasons, not the least of which is our respect for the rule of law. Oh wait, this is Obama’s America and laws are for suckers.

The whole point of this Obama-manufactured humanitarian crisis is to foist amnesty upon us, make them all citizens, enable them to vote Democrat, and perpetuate the impending collapse of the Republic by making us fiscally insolvent and bringing in people who do not like our nation as founded.

hewitt sit

Hugh Hewitt’s proposal, while well-intentioned and an attempt to make lemons out of lemonade, gives the Democrats everything they want with no border enforcement.

I also have to revisit this claim: “tens of thousands of what are, in effect, orphans.”

As Michael Patrick Tracy (@ConservativeLA) points out, the idea that these illegals are orphans is preposterous. Most of them were sent ahead by their parents, who are waiting for the proclamation of amnesty from Comrade Obama before they bring the rest of their clan with them.

These are children, but they are pawns in an act of lawlessness. This is not just a random act of lawlessness being perpetrated, but one designed to collapse the Republic Cloward-Piven style.

But there’s more:

If Congress were to authorize adoption by any couple who were (1) certified by a church of (2) at least 250 members and at least five years of existence as a couple of character and standing within the congregation and (3) were under the age of 60, (4) had at least one member of the couple with a full time job of at least five year’s duration and (5) had raised or were presently raising at least one child who had achieved any normal set of measurements, the crisis over the effectively orphaned children would be over within months.

More Congressional enabling of lawlessness. This naively implies that the Democrats would actually allow this to be the criteria for adoption. For all of the caterwauling that Democrats and Obama will never allow us to deport them (which is not only the law, but the humane, compassionate thing to do), ask yourself: why would these same people allow us to put the children into the hands of stable, two-parent Christian homes, where they wouldn’t be wards of the state?

Remember, making them wards of the state is the whole reason they are being signaled to come here in the first place. Democrats will fight tooth-and-nail to force these kids into single-parent homes where they will go to already-failing public schools and become good little socialists.

More from Mr. Hewitt:

This approach will require Democrats to recognize what a few of them may be loath to do: America’s churches are indeed populated by people who feel a Gospel call to love and care for “the least of these.”

I can assure you that Democrats recognize this full well, which is why as I said earlier Mr. Hewitt’s criteria for setting up families will not be allowed. Even if the GOP took up this idea after they got the Senate, it would still get Comrade’s veto.

And then there is the issue of all the gang members flooding across the border. As Katie Pavlich reported at Townhall last week:

An internal Border Patrol executive summary obtained by Townhall confirms that at least 16 unaccompanied illegal minors (those under the age of 18, according to U.S. government policy), are members of the brutal El Salvadorian street gang Mara Salvatrucha—or MS-13.

There is not yet confirmation the age of these children, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were under the magical age of thirteen (the age for which Mr. Hewitt wants his amnesty to apply).