On Tuesday the Senate Judiciary Committee commenced with the Committee “Nomination of the Honorable Neil M. Gorsuch to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States” hearings.

Judge Gorsuch gave his moving opening statement.

That was the high point, as the Tenth Circuit Court Appellate Judge communicated his seriousness, gratefulness and humbled heart. With a face open, devoid of any avarice, he thanked the committee, his wife, family, and colleagues. Gorsuch’s overt thankfulness was deeply touching. And that extreme thankfulness rendered his apparent brilliance quite approachable.

But, on day two it quickly became equally apparent that the Democrats (save perhaps Senator Christopher A. Coons D – DE), were salivating at the opportunity to verbally castigate Judge Gorsuch merely for being Judge Gorsuch — a Federal Appellate Judge put forth by Donald Trump.

Let’s be clear: the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are, as I tweeted, the perfect blend of ignorance and rudeness. And the fact is, they are, to a man/woman, furious that Trump won and livid that Merrick Garland did not receive a vote. This in spite of long-time tradition of rejecting lame duck president Supreme Court nominees.

As written at The Federalist:

Historically, many Supreme Court nominations made in a President’s final year in office are rejected by the Senate. That started with John Quincy Adams and last occurred to Lyndon B. Johnson.

Thus, though Judge Neil Gorsuch possesses near-perfect judicial comportment, temperament and knowledge, the Dems have set their crosshairs for vitriol on the SCOTUS nominee. He is not Garland, and he was not selected by Hillary Clinton. And so their acerbic contempt is evident, aimed at Gorsuch, though he has done nothing to deserve it.

Judge Gorsuch has displayed patience and goodwill in the face of the most ungentlemanly and unladylike behavior. His razor-sharp intellect in answering the boorish questions has been tempered by forbearance and humility. I have never seen a better candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court.

And as has been said, if the SJC will not confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch, I fear for my nation: if Gorsuch cannot meet the standards for confirmation, no mere mortal can meet those standards.

Indeed, his greatest sins in the eyes of The Left, are that he was selected by President Donald Trump and he is not Merrick Garland.

And for those attributes I thank God.