Author: Stephen Crawford

The Prison of Progressivism

  Rumor has it that some “displaced” residents of New York may be given refuge in a prison on Staten Island. Actually, progressivism and prisons have synergy, like peanut butter and chocolate. In fact, prison may just be the ultimate Progressive utopia.  Just imagine if we were all in prisons! For example … Prisons would be great for our ecology. Large populations can be contained in a relatively small foot-print of construction, leaving to nature as much of the earth as possible. Of course, people could still be allowed to visit the earth, in a controlled manner, perhaps as...

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There Is a Light at the End of This Tunnel

  On the ground, it feels like a rout. The specter of another 4 years of “fundamental change” to our Republic is frightening beyond belief.   We understand that the extension of a national government into every crevice of personal life is un-Constitutional, that the leftists in power know this, and that they have no intention of letting some archaic Constitution impede their consolidation of power. The leftists who prevailed tell us to give up. They simply say “demographics,” as if it’s some incurable disease of ignorance washed across the land. We don’t appeal to Hispanics because we don’t...

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9/11 – A Tale of Two Presidents

  OK. I admit, we don’t know exactly what happened in Benghazi on the long night of 9/11/12.   What we do know is that four were killed, and that many more would have been killed if not for our brave SEALs. President Obama and Hillary Clinton have both claimed responsibility; and both have avoided blame. As it turns out, President Obama is responsible for both this debacle and its well-documented cover-up. Analysis over the last eight weeks leaves little doubt of this. Some say this conclusion is politically-motivated.  As one Internet troll put it, rudely but succinctly, “It’s...

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