On the ground, it feels like a rout. The specter of another 4 years of “fundamental change” to our Republic is frightening beyond belief.

We understand that the extension of a national government into every crevice of personal life is un-Constitutional, that the leftists in power know this, and that they have no intention of letting some archaic Constitution impede their consolidation of power.

Women protesting the supposed “War on Women”

The leftists who prevailed tell us to give up. They simply say “demographics,” as if it’s some incurable disease of ignorance washed across the land. We don’t appeal to Hispanics because we don’t want to allow illegal immigration. We don’t appeal to women because we won’t give them “free” birth control and abortions. We don’t appeal to blacks because, well, we’re not black. We don’t appeal to homosexuals because we disagree on this one issue of the definition of marriage. And so, because we won’t agree that the Federal Government should provide these goods and services to these “victimized demographic groups”, we therefore cannot win.

But the tide of history has not turned against us as much as it seems. The zenith of liberalism in America actually occurred in 2008-2010.  This was our darkest hour. Most of Obama’s policies were repudiated with the election of 2010. In 2008, John McCain received 46% of the vote, with almost ten million less votes than Barack Obama. In 2012, Mitt Romney received 49% of the vote, only about three million less than Obama. Without Hurricane Sandy, with uncounted military votes, with a better ground game, Romney may well have won.

The fact is, Romney barely had time to get his message out.  Only in the final days of his campaign did people finally get a chance to hear Romney’s unfiltered vision of America. After years of demonization by the Left and a virtual quarantine by the corrupt main-stream media, it took Romney only one debate to change the tenor and direction of the Presidential race: truly a herculean achievement.

Once Romney’s positions were raised in the national consciousness, they began to be debated as if they had only now been discovered. This sort of thing takes time.  And though the fruit of these discussions did not ripen by the election, they remain to ripen in the fullness of time.  They will be nurtured by the terrible economy that will collapse around us; by the unsustainable debt we will be running up; by the out-of-control “foreign policy” of appeasement; by the fact that a gallon of gas will cost as much as a pack of free birth-control pills; by the part-time jobs that replace careers; by the tyranny of government, the ultimate monopoly, “providing” healthcare; and by the taxes that can never be raised enough to cover the cost of every want.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and it’s getting brighter, not dimmer. We must continue to deliver the message of basic Constitutional conservatism and free-market economics; how these benefit people of every age, race, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or religion.  This message will resonate with more and more people, as it did when Thomas Paine began to spread Common Sense.  We will eventually overcome the corrupt main-stream media and replace it with honest new media.  We will work in our schools and will overcome this leftist indoctrination. We will continue to learn how to win friends and influence people. We shall overcome.