After a stunning loss to the petty, but effective, Obama campaign, Republicans are in disarray. In defeat, Republicans demure, become tentative, introspective, and blame their peers. They are inclined to try to appease constituent groups whose vote they were unable to attract. They tend to become Democrat-lite.

The problems with this approach are two-fold.

First, this is not “for the good of the country.” Every year Democrats drag us to the brink of a fiscal cliff and then accuse Republicans of wanting to push us off! Negotiating this way only hastens the real day of reckoning, a devastating economic collapse caused by inflation and national debt. Not securing our borders only guarantees we’ll eventually have to face yet another underclass of illegals. Secondly, it should be clear by now that Republicans can’t assuage criticism by compromising their principles. They are only ridiculed as cowards for their surrender.

Rep. Paul Ryan

Rather, what we need is Conservative leadership! Right Now! Competent, Conservative, forward-looking, young, communicative, honest, compelling leadership. We have someone with these qualities, someone in a position of leadership, someone with experience in a national campaign, someone with access to the political organization built by Mitt Romney, someone well-able to articulate a Conservative message. That someone was our Vice-Presidential Nominee, Paul Ryan.

Romney/Ryan were quarantined by a corrupt media covering for Obama in every way possible. Only late in the campaign, after the first debate, were they able to begin communicating directly with people, without the media filter. Finally, the campaign turned around, people began to hear and understand, though not enough in time.

The lesson here is clear: we cannot afford to wait another two years to begin messaging. Democrats never stop campaigning; so neither can we. We must begin NOW, every day, in clear, simple terms, tweets, and policy statements. People need to hear why Conservatism is in everyone’s long-term best interest–a rising tide of prosperity will lift all boats, but a tsunami of debt would sink them.

We must not, as they say, let this crisis go to waste.

Paul Ryan could pick up where the Presidential campaign left off. He has the expertise to lead negotiations for a budget deal with the Senate and the President. He has the skills to communicate with the American people, to win their hearts and minds. People awaken when they hear the simple truth; but the simple truth must first be spoken. Truth will trump the Hobson’s Choice. Rather than compromise principles we need to double-down on Conservatism, begin building the case for a Republican Senate in 2014 and a Republican President in 2016.

Is Paul Ryan ready, willing and able to take on this responsibility? I don’t know, but as things go increasingly wrong, someone like Paul Ryan will seem increasingly right. Paul Ryan is here, now. It’s logical that he be the one to pick up the ball and run with it. When Todd Beamer said “Let’s roll,” he was our army. Paul Ryan represents the army we have in this battle.

Come on Ryan! Let’s Roll!