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Hating White folks is quite popular in our ranks. Our Klan behavior is mostly self-inflicted, so we’ve yet to see American Whites running for their lives from Black lynch mobs.

White nationalists argue Black-on-White violence rates describe a more operational hatred than what I”m alluding to. Feel free to visit their sites and judge for yourselves.

There is, however, an attitude among American Blacks that it’s often acceptable to privately denounce Whites as ‘devils”; ‘crackers” and other epithets. Liberal sisters and brothers hasten adding this happens among White folks too.

Point noted. The N-word; ‘coon”; ‘monkey,” etc isn’t foreign in some White households but that’s not my subject. Mimicking their wrong doesn’t magically make ours right.

My overriding concern is the erosion of moral high ground in my segment of America. Payback politics is the order of the day, eclipsing Kingian ( as in Dr Martin Luther King ) emphasis on character over skin color.

I can’t address internal negatives afflicting the Black community by using my past in the 80s as the only frame of reference.

While the past provides context for present conditions, it can’t be used in a one-size-fits-all manner

Slavery can’t explain today’s Black homicide rate. Jim Crow doesn’t answer why our two-parent family unit has ceased to exist.

Blaming Republicans is a fun exercise but it isn’t Republicans busy tearing the inner city down from within. Do-nothing Black Democrats get re-elected by accusing White Republicans as the problem- not non-performance.

Obama is seen as payback for slavery and discrimination. The fact our unemployment and middle class loss skyrocketed on his watch doesn’t shake this mass delusion of inclusion.

Hating White Republicans; White conservatives and non-liberal Whiteness period seems their holy grail. The rage; vulgarity and even documented violence inflicted upon Romney supporters of all colors speaks volumes. As does the deafening silence from the White House when this occurs.

American Blacks borrowed best practices from the Democrat Party’s segregation era playbook and reloaded it: blind loyalty; dissenter intimidation via social media and an inability to accept other ideologies as valid.

The lessons of the past seem lost upon us. Being morally superior to White racism gave way to dipping bias in chocolate and declaring it chic.

Is this our victory? Acting like those we fought for generations?

A financial recession is bad enough. Compounding it with a moral one is intolerable.

Ritual recitals of White Republican racism rings hollow while so many American Blacks comfortably discriminate just like distant bigots they blame for everything under the sun.

By today’s low standards, were I a Black liberal, I’d hate my White friends too- just not to their faces. At least the New Black Panther Party is honest about their racism.

Being open about it brings too much heat, as the New Black Panther example illustrates That’s why Black liberals who feel this way are so covert about it.

Like ‘upstanding” White Citizens Councils of old, such hatred is quietly deployed at the voting machine, and , some suspect, the jury box.

I don’t hate White people- not even liberal ones. I disagree with policy and behavior- not pigment. Taking Americans on a case-by-case basis, as individuals, works for me.

Hating White people is beneath me.

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