Hat Tip From the American Israeli author, blogger, defender of women’s rights, and Israeli patriot, Naomi Ragen, on information  obtained from her newsletter.  Please visit Naomi’s web site here. While I learned of this from Naomi Ragen and her newsletter, the following words in this post are my words and beliefs. Naomi has expressed in a much more eloquent way her opinions on the situation in her article.

Please read her article on this issue: Voting For America

We’ve heard the sanctimonious admonitions in the past from the one time venerable Anti Defamation League that Jews (i.e., Republican Jews) should not make the issue of the state of Israel a wedge issue.   I have just come back from an awesome Canadian cruise (and being out of touch of last week’s political scene) to receive a newsletter from the wonderful Israeli author Naomi Reagan.  In her newsletter I came to learn that it is the Democrats who have fostered a wedge on Israel as big as the Carnival cruise ship I was just on.

First the DNC removed language in their 2012 platform that was in their 2008 platform; language that affirmed their belief in God and expressed support for Israel and its security [such as anti Hamas/Hezbollah language] and the belief that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.  After facing much criticism from the more moderate to conservative Democrats and independents, the Democrats (DNC) attempted to falsely placate them with a last minute one sentence fluff amendment supporting [yeah,right] their belief in God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  It was bad enough that the Democrats removed that language from their 2012 platform, but it got worse.

When the Los Angeles mayor Villaraigosa called for a voice vote on this new, simple amendment before the Democrat delegates on the floor of the convention, something surprising happened on the way of Democrats trying to bamboozle, err, I mean show the American people their support for Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. There was a very large number of no votes yelled from the floor.  Hoodwink number one had failed. So, thinking the true feelings from Barack Obama’s base supporters had been placated with their shout out of No’s on the first vote, the LA mayor  proudly put the question before Obama’s minions once again.  Not realizing they were supposed to closet their true feelings of animosity toward the Jewish state and be quiet on this second vote, an even larger number of these delegates shouted no.  Hoodwink number two had failed.  Now the flustered, embarrassed mayor, not knowing what to do, bumbled and stumbled when calling for a third vote on the convention floor.  This time the anti Jerusalem sentiment was palpably displayed. Whether it was a majority or not, it was clearly a large, large portion of Democrat delegates who displayed antipathy for the state of  Israel.  Israel as a wedge issue was just forced upon the American people…by the Democrats.  

Make no mistake about it.  Those shouts of no were not just about Jerusalem being recognized as the capital of Israel.  Those shouts of no were not just for the state of Israel itself.  Those were shouts of no aimed at all Jews.   

So, I ask my fellow American Jews: is this really the great Democrat party you remember from your parents and grand parents?    Do you really feel comfortable aligned with a party whose base shouts no to the Jews?

Liberal Democrats have made excuse after excuse for President Obama when he has spit in the face of Israel. How do they excuse this one?  These shouts of no to Jews, from a good portion of the Democrat convention, were there for the world to see.  


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aG6qgSfaARE]


I have a question for my fellow Jewish Americans.  How much antipathy toward the state of Israel are you willing to put up with to make sure that Sandra Fluke gets her contraceptives for free?  [i.e., paid for by the tax payers]

So, ADL, don’t try and blame this wedge on the GOP but rather on your fellow Democrats.

I just looked at the ADL web site and unbelievably there was not one word about the antipathy toward Israel by the Democrat delegates..No, indeed, the ADL not only was silent about those Democrats shouts of no, they actually praised the DNC for reinstating the language on Jerusalem and they said this amendment was approved this afternoon by a voice vote on the convention floor in Charlotte, North Carolina.”    Oh, really?   The foolish mayor Villaraigosa may have said two thirds of the delegates voted yes, but any intellectually honest person [or organization] knows that was a lie.  The ADL has a convenient penchant for leaving out convenient facts that may indict their fellow liberal Democrats.

Yes, the once admired, non partisan organization is still the ADL.  But it is now the All Democrat Liberal organization.


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