This week, hacker rocker / basement dweller / handsome man, Blue Stahli released his new album, Antisleep Volume 3. For those of you who find yourselves unfamiliar with Blue Stahli, he is a gifted musician based in Michigan and you’ve likely heard his music in the background of shows like America’s Next Top Model and The Big Bang Theory as well as in trailers for The Expendables 2, Jonah Hex, Sucker Punch, and a host of others. He has been writing/producing excellent music for over 10 years and wows Facebook/Twitter followers with an often disturbing, if not witty sense of humor. Blue Stahli also happens to be a great friend of mine.

Antisleep Volume 3 is the latest in the Antisleep series, a collection of short musical tracks designed to be used for TV and film. This album is themed specifically for action and sci-fi driven film. And you can certainly see why when you listen to tracks like Suit Up:

Throughout the entire album, Blue Stahli plays to his strength: huge guitars. Tracks like Suit Up are perfect accompaniment for those times you find yourself strapping on leg holsters, loading your rifle, and preparing to fight an onslaught of superior forces that had the audacity to invade your home world. And I have absolutely no doubt that we’ll hear this album again and again this year as many new action movies are set to release in the Summer and Fall.

While Blue Stahli is great at big guitars, I find that my favorite moments are found in songs like Ready For Battle, where the tune is slow and purposeful. I love the solo clean guitar that leads out at the beginning and produces images in my mind of the serenity before a storm.

Perhaps one of the things that endears Blue Stahli to his fans is that he is constantly giving music away for free. If you visit his SoundCloud page, you’ll find tracks like Atom Smasher, which he simply makes available for download so if you don’t have the money to support him, you can still have a piece of the action to take with you.

I leave you with that track and hope that you’ll go to Amazon and buy his album. Play it while you’re working and I guarantee that you’ll feel like you’re saving the planet from a swarm of giant machines hellbent on destroying everything.