(h/t Hot AirOn April 29, Lila Rose appeared on the O’Reilly Factor and got to the heart of why the media didn’t want to cover the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Simply put: as a nation, we have a sanitized view of abortion and we’ve so politicized the term, people don’t know what it is.

The Left likes it this way because they can obfuscate with terms like “reproductive rights” and “women’s health.” As long as the true definition is hidden through euphemisms, the Left can get away with advancing insidious and frankly, evil behavior that they couldn’t defend if people actually knew what it was.

That is the media’s blackout on Gosnell; their fear that people will find out what abortion actually does, the fear that people will recognize it as what it really is, infanticide.

Rose put out in no uncertain terms: abortion is an inhumane act and the womb is now the place where the most violence happens against children. It’s actually a disgrace that we as a nation allow this to go on. In a nation where people dedicate themselves to protecting the rights of animals and the environment, so many of those same people express an outright contempt for human life.

O’Reilly gave what he thought the story here is: that even after the child is born and is in the doctor’s hands, the pro-abortion forces do not want to concede that this is a living, breathing human being. This sadly, is where our nation is. Plants have rights, animals have rights, but children in the womb have no rights.

Not only that, but we’ve gotten to the point where surviving the birth canal still doesn’t guarantee a right to life. The arbitrary line for when life begins keeps getting pulled back by the Left. How much longer will it be before the view of Princeton Professor Peter Singer, that you can kill a child up to two years after birth because he/she has not yet fully formed, becomes the default position of the Left?

We are in a dangerous place as a nation.

The Left has made abortion their most holy sacrament and there shall be no limits placed on it at all, lest you be engaged in a “war on women.” There’s no soul left in these people because they fight for abortion more than they fight for anything else. Whether it’s protecting the poor, the environment, or making Islamists out to be victims, it all takes a back seat to destroying human life in the womb and even outside the womb when necessary.

A society that tolerates and incentivizes this kind of behavior will eventually collapse on itself because when you don’t respect life in the womb, it translates into disrespect for life in general. It’s why we see so much gang violence, so much gratuitous fighting on YouTube, and a push for death panels in Obamacare. We don’t value life in this country anymore, and it’s why the sitting president of the United States can say “God bless you” to an organization whose sole mission is to destroy human life.

We really should stop kidding ourselves: God will not bless such a nation .