So I’m driving along, minding my own business, when suddenly a lib pulls in front of me, and assaults my senses with senseless bumper-stickers.

Of course, one isn’t enough – they have to lecture me on a half-dozen points to prove how self-righteously intellectual they are, how their secular state-ism is better than my Judeo-Christian constitutional federalism.

Progressive infringers! Snarky little twerps.

Conservatives don’t have many bumper stickers; mostly flags, NRA stickers, or insignias of military service. I wonder why. Maybe it’s because conservatives actually practice more than preach.

It must be nice for liberals to have a catchy comeback for every appeal to reason.


COEXIST: What! Like we don’t? Who on earth does this appeal to?

Except for the Islamists and the militant homosexuals – and the STRAW MAN impugned by this bumper sticker – most of us certainly do!

I think this must be a membership card to a secret cult – “the A-Holy Order of Prius Owners.”

War Is Not The Answer

War is NOT the answer: Oh no? You mean like America’s Revolutionary War? Or the Civil War to end slavery?

Or WWII, when America saved your ass from Imperialism and Fascism? The Muslim Brotherhood didn’t want to COEXIST with the West back then either.

Sometimes, like it or not, war is, in fact, the answer.


free_tibetFREE TIBET: It’s funny when I see this and War is NOT the answer on the same car.

I wonder, do you think the Chinese military is just going to just say “Well okay then,” and hand it over?

At least the Chinese are perfectly happy to COEXIST, as long as they get to run everything, and as long as the Tibetans don’t remain Buddhists.

I Am Woman Watch me VoteI am Woman, Watch me vote: How witty! A call-back to the days when feminism was mostly about women getting in on the rat race.

Now-a-days, these women are the rats, voting for what?

For a party that treats them like they’re nothing but a vagina – constantly in need of government birth control, abortions, and protection from rape culture?!

For a party that keeps women in lock-step ignorance for their vote?

For a party who’s priorities are everything but the best interests of women, children and minorities?

Liberals hate to be profiled for public safety, but seem to love it for everything else.

Jesus Was a Liberal

Jesus Was a Liberal: Co-opting conservative values is a favorite liberal pastime.

I’m sure Jesus was all for promiscuous sex, confiscatory taxation, government diktat, and executive “discretion” – you know, all those liberal values.

Actually Guns DO Kill People

Actually, Guns DO Kill People: Another favorite. True, guns can be used to kill people. But they don’t, you know – actually – do it by themselves.

Most often, they can be used to prevent innocent people from being killed.

Be careful: living is dangerous – you could die from it! Maybe you better purchase an indulgence from the Barack Obama Church of Secular Statism, just in case.

This is a Green Vehicle

This is a Green Vehicle:  I love seeing this on the back of a $30,000 Chevy Volt – worse for the environment than a gas-powered car, powered by electricity generated mostly from fossil fuels.

All the while, Democrats oppose practical alternatives like nuclear power, fracking, and domestic pipelines.

But they’ll crusade against global warming until hell, itself, freezes over.

Perhaps we should rename Liberal bumper stickers: traffic signs on the road to serfdom.