As a parent, I know that when I give my kids a rule – say, “homework first” – they will try to find a way to get around it. If I consistently enforce the rule, then they start to take the rule seriously.

Good parents know this instinctively – they must be willing and able to enforce a rule, or chaos will ensue. There must be a credible expectation that the rule will be enforced. The key ingredient is credibility!

And boy, as of now, our immigration system has none. Naturally, then, chaos does ensue.

At a checkpoint on Interstate-25, I sat watching Border Patrol Kabuki Theater. They arrest illegal aliens in cars at the front end, and then release them on their own recognizance out the back end.

Even worse, tens of thousands of minors are flooding our borders in the belief that they’ll be allowed to stay. Our passive lack of border enforcement is now perceived as an active invitation to break immigration law.

“Come to America,” is the word on the wind. Women with children, and unaccompanied minors will be permitted – granted permisos. Of course, our government says that this is only under certain conditions, but illegal aliens don’t read the fine print. Why should they when they know they’ll probably get to stay anyway?

Our immigration system is broken, intentionally so, by Obama’s lack of enforcement. Its credibility has shrunk to zero. No one believes a single thing in the law anymore; hence, this lawlessness.

In the 80’s, we made a deal – amnesty for security. The amnesty was given, but security was never received. So here we are, 30 years later, with the same problem.

Why? Because the kids know we don’t mean it. The system has no credibility.

There’s only one way to recover this lost credibility – by enforcement.

You know – build the fence, patrol the perimeter, verify for employment, and deport those who don’t obey the law. We must not, once again, regularize illegals without credible enforcement going forward. It will lead to no good.

I have no doubt that if supporters of “comprehensive immigration reform” backed a 100%, iron-clad, immigration enforcement system, that the rest of this problem would take care of itself.

Most of us do not really want to deport well-meaning, hard-working, illegals that have been in America their whole lives. I’d never let them vote, but I’d let them stay, as long as they aren’t otherwise criminal.

I’d do it, if that’s what it took to get real enforcement, to put an end to this problem once and for all. But I’d do it for no less.

Got that, Republican Party?

I certainly wouldn’t trade it for Obama’s promises, the least credible currency of all. Anything less would be a travesty of justice and a betrayal to legal immigrants.

If you don’t want to deport, then you must enforce. There are no two ways about it. Keep this in mind in the Novembers ahead.

Look for those with a passion for enforcement. Then vote to restore the credibility of our immigration system.