I will be the first to tell you that I really don’t like Apple. I don’t own any of their hardware, I don’t use iTunes, and I certainly don’t own any of their stock like Hugh Hewitt. All of that said, I am a consumer of technology. I built my first computer when I was 13 and my first website when I was 15. I love innovation and steps forward and I always am happy to see companies blaze the trail to new devices and features that will make my life better.

I can honestly tell you that Apple is behind the curve with their release of the new iPhone 5. Gizmodo says:

Overall, it seems they have incrementally improved every single aspect of the iPhone. It’s not a revolutionary phone, but it is a very nice release.

They report on the new features that Apple is adding to their latest flagship phone, summed up here on Tribble News:

  • Smaller dock connector called “Lightning “(no doubt solely used by Apple products and highly proprietary)
  • Thinner design at .29 inches
  • 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S
  • 16:9 aspect 4 inch screen
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Wireless N connectivity
  • A6 Processor, which Apple claims speeds up webpage loading by about 2.1 times
  • A host of other small tweaks found on Gizmodo’s article

Upon looking at all of these upgrades to their iPhone 4S model, one thing strikes me above all else. MY 1.5 YEAR OLD ANDROID HAS MOST OF THESE FEATURES! Sorry for the caps. I simply don’t understand the rush to buy the new iPhone when many of the other new phones have perfected these technologies and are introducing new ones. I have a lot of friends who are Apple users (including Tami J and Hugh) and many more who own iPhones. Last year when the 4S was released, I asked several people why they would buy the new iPhone when they could spend less money and get better technology and faster internet speeds in a Samsung or LG Android phone. The responses I got were staggering! “I don’t want a phone that big! The size of the iPhone screen is just right.” Or, “There is a reason that Apple hasn’t adopted 4G LTE yet. The technology can’t be viable or else they would have included it.”

So now that Apple has adopted all of this two year old technology and trends, are they suddenly viable? Is the 4 inch screen the new “just right”? What about new technology that Windows Phone 8 and Android are adopting? Where is the Near Field Communication? Where is the micro USB plug-in to make it compatible with your existing and inexpensive cable options? Where is the HDMI output? Rest assured, the latest and greatest technology will be released in the next iPhone, probably two years from now when you’ll suddenly need it in your device and be forced to buy a new iPhone that is yet again behind the times. Do yourself a favor. Break away from your Apple products and go to something that is less expensive and doesn’t withhold new technology so they can enslave you to future releases. Go Windows or Android. You won’t be sorry!