That’s how it works with the Left, they put out their version of truth, claim that the science is settled, and then they get debunked when the opposition gets in gear and puts out the truth.

The Left loves telling themselves and everyone else that “the science is settled” and that their opponents are “deniers” and “anti-science.” That way, they don’t have to debate, they can just clear the field of opposition because the opposition is “against science” and is therefore illegitimate, and thus, we don’t have to listen to their opinions. The way that the subject is treated in academia is proof of this. It’s not enough for the Left to dominate academia, they have to eliminate differing viewpoints.

This is why people who question the “science” have to be denied tenure, fired, publicly mocked and ridiculed, and driven out of the public debate. Even though there has never been a majority of scientists who agree that global warming is happening and that it is manmade, and that raising taxes is the only way to fix it. They can’t even get a plurality of scientists to agree to the first premise, as James Taylor writes in Forbes that “only 36 percent of geoscientists and engineers believe that humans are creating a global warming crisis.”

More evidence of the Left’s contempt for debate was on display when a 13-year-old from Indiana, named Alex, called Rush to talk about how easily he found evidence refuting global warming. The day after the exchange, The Hill newspaper wrote it up and tossed this line in at the end: “The scientific consensus is that the planet is warming and human activities are a major driver, but a very small minority of scientists holds other views.”

Rush also described a woman writing for a website who said: “Despite the majority of scientists agreeing that global warming is occurring and is largely man-made, conservatives are now using a 13-year-old’s library research to validate their opinion that climate change is a hoax. Alex, from Wilmington Indiana, received temporary fame on Fox News on Thursday, when they reported about the 13-year-old Rush Limbaugh caller who ‘schools liberals’ on global warming.”

The woman concluded by saying:

“Hopefully when Alex receives his iPad, he will be able to expand his range of research beyond the backwards ideology he’s been force-fed, and maybe even view an internet article that was not hand-picked and vetted by his mother.”

Do we understand? Alex is “brainwashed” and subscribes to a “backwards ideology he’s been force-fed?”

This woman is an abject moron who would probably like to see young Alex taken away from his parents because she also accuses his mother of hand-picking articles that he reads. She is so enraged that someone thinks differently than her that she’s foaming at the mouth to trash him, say he’s brainwashed, and then of course, blame his idiot mother and Rush Limbaugh because he won’t get with the program and go along.

Nowhere in any of this delusional diatribe did she cite any evidence. But when you’re on the Left, you don’t need proof–you are above evidence.  However, that doesn’t work in the real world, since the Left’s worldview is collapsing before their eyes. It’s so bad for them, they have to harangue a 13-year-old because he spoke the truth.

The Left sees support for one of their pet issues going up in smoke, so of course they lash out at anyone who disagrees.

Global warming is on life support: it’s about time we called up the local death panel and pull the plug once and for all.