Terribly sad news today about the passing of Vince Flynn at age 47.

Hugh Hewitt has featured Vince’s books on his radio show, and they have a well-deserved place on the Necessary Bookshelf, Hugh’s list of recommended authors.

I had read Memorial Day on an airplane long before I heard Vince on Hugh’s show, but had no idea about Vince’s body of work until after hearing Vince interviewed at length on the radio.  (It also didn’t hurt that the protagonist of Vince’s books, Mitch Rapp, was someone with whom I could relate … 8^)

Here is Vince pictured with Brad Thor, another thriller author who Hugh has featured and introduced to his listeners. I’ve met Brad at a book signing, but never had the opportunity to meet Vince, and regretfully, that opportunity will now never come.

vince flynn brad thor

“Everything is secure up here.” – Mitch Rapp, Act of Treason


Edit: Hugh’s tribute, with links to his interviews with Vince Flynn, is posted.