Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory caught my attention in May of 2013 with his announcement that he was switching from the Democrat party to the Republican party. He filmed a video explaining.

I wrote at the time:

Elbert Lee Guillory is the senator for Louisiana District 24.

Senator Guillory recently announced he had decided to change from the Democrat party to the Republican party.

…he explains why he made the move that will undoubtedly be demonized by the Congressional Black Caucus and other blacks still on the Dem plantation.

“Somehow it’s been forgotten that the Republican party was founded in 1854 as an abolitionist movement.”

Senator Guillory has been outspoken since, forming his “Free at Last PAC“:

Elbert Guillory heartened conservatives from coast to coast in late May when he announced he had switched from the Democrat party to the Republican party, and became the FIRST black Republican senator in Louisiana since Reconstruction (1865-1877)!

Next LA Senator Guillory hit it out of the park with his “Why I am a Republican” video.

Now Guillory presents what I believe to be his most powerful video, admonishing Obama to defeat and disarm ISIS, NOT patriots, legal citizens. Obama must have forgotten the history of the Second Amendment: slaveholders were the last to admit blacks’ citizenship under the Constitution, fearing an armed insurrection should slaves acquire firearms.

This video is flatout terrific and should be seen by every American. Watch and listen as Elbert Guillory masterfully schools young, Alinskyite upstart Obama:

At this very moment, Americans sit, anxiously awaiting the next terrorist attack on our soil. It’s no longer a question of if, but when.

The recent terror attack in San Bernardino was the latest and greatest act of war to go largely ignored by this administration. Lost in an incredible sense of denial, it took the President 16 days to even go pay homage to the dead.

Instead of moving troops to secure our southern border, he opens up the floodgates to Syrian refugees.

And throughout what is rising to the level of a new World War, he remains driven to reduce our rights to own guns!

Preach it Brother Guillory! And Elbert is indeed both my brother in the Christian faith and in the true fellowship of patriotism Americans, legal, Constitution-loving Americans share.

Let’s hope this video goes viral and touches hearts from shore to shore! Every last citizen should be DEMANDING that Obama stay within the constraints of his VESTED powers only, rather than reign via imperious executive order.

And let’s pray like never before that Americans become informed, that each of us would renew our efforts to read the Constitution and the founders’ quotes, to get off our comfy couches and effect our culture with the tremendous values espoused by the conservative, Judeo-Christian worldview!

May God convict us, help us, and empower us to take our country back!